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Ed Balls and Labour Business Links - June 2011

Whilst the gossip and the leaked documents showing the scale of the battle between Blair and the failed Brown Revolution are interesting to read, they don't really tell us anything that we didn't know before. The document that scares me the most about that period of Government is one that shows just how cabalistic, insular and unengaged with the real world Balls and his cronies actually were. The document is here.

The minutes are from a meeting about the way that they needed to cut the Tory campaign off at the pass. All fine and sensible for a Labour Party political meeting. But at the end the quote is 'On Business we need a better City Forum. Probably more than breakfasts'. This from a political gang that had been in control of HM Treasury for ten years, and who produced more corporate and tax law than the previous ten governments put together.

Clear and unambiguous proof that the Brown and Balls Treasury was living in a political doctrinal black hole with only their revolutionary dreams and aspirations driving them.

The documents make clear that they hung out with left-leaning lawyers and not business people, they hung out and schemed with fellow politicos, but after ten years in control they thought that breakfasts were not a strong enough link to the City. And only then as a counter to Tory campaigning.

So Mr Balls, I'm sort of sorry your documents have been leaked, but please keep your hands away from the levers of our economy for the rest of your political career.

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