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Founder Investor and Non-Executive Director

We pioneered multi-channel retailing to make products available to order by phone and online for delivery across Nigeria. Our collection of sophisticated planning, measuring, and attribution methodologies uses our own in-house tools to properly assess the consumer's purchasing journey and effect of TV, social media and web activity on sales.

Our bespoke back office transforms the way we monitor media efficiency, and we have also developed a style of econometrics uniquely tailored to the analysis needed for media planning and buying decisions, enabling a granular, detailed approach to response analysis that really works.

Our team has years of combined experience in the global DRTV industry running successful DRTV creative, media and TV shopping campaigns with revenues in excess of £500 million.

​Our commercial DRTV experience is unrivalled in Nigeria, where we are the first and largest operator of a teleshopping business.

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